The Commission adopted a set of principles to underpin and guide its work and its meetings, and how it carried out its public engagement and evidence gathering.

In pursuing the Remit, Commissioners will be:

  • Ambitious: taking a long term view and not being restricted by the current practices or pre-existing positions regarding any potential alternatives
  • Open: listening to all views through widespread engagement, accessible public reporting, and by encouraging interaction with their work
  • Independent: fulfilling their role autonomously outwith the formal decision making structures of any organisation, and distinguishing between their day to day roles and responsibilities and their role as independent Commissioners when carrying out Commission activities
  • Inclusive: developing and reflecting a wide range of perspectives and views from across communities, civic Scotland, local and national government, and others 
  • Questioning: providing a forum for debate and reflection, but with a common purpose of delivering the Commission’s remit in the allotted timescales
  • Practical: positively responding to challenges and opportunities, working together to share and evaluate ideas,  and developing a shared understanding that respects the spectrum of opinions represented by members of the Commission
  • Evidence based: using relevant evidence from home and abroad to inform our work, and commissioning research and analysis where appropriate
  • Deliberative: providing appropriate space for the Commission to reflect on the evidence that it receives and to debate options, with appropriate records made public.